2021 Team Results & What to Expect This Season

New Providence PAL Basketball would like to thank everyone that attended the evaluations over the past two weeks.  We received many positive comments from the evaluators regarding the play of our boys and girls on the floor, as well for their positivity in supporting one another throughout the process.  We are especially proud of the kids’ support of one another.

Unfortunately, winter gym space is limited and while we would like to have a spot for everyone who wants to play travel basketball, we simply do not have the gym space.  This year we had a record number of kids try out (218).  As a result, we’re fielding a record number of teams (16).  Based on the number of kids trying out in each group and the results of the evaluations, the decision was made to field one boys and one girls “gold” team in each age group (4th-8th grade), and six “green” teams.  Overall, this represents a 15% increase in the number of teams and a 16% increase in the number of players from our last pre-Covid season.  Rosters will be posted on the New Providence PAL basketball website tomorrow at:

You’ve made the team, now what:

  1. Consider the level of commitment expected. New Providence PAL Basketball expects all players accepting roster invitations to prioritize basketball over other sports during the winter season.  This is especially true of players committing to Gold teams.  There are many other local options for basketball with lower expectations regarding commitment (see # 4 below under you didn’t make the team).
  2. If accepting your roster invitation, register for the season through Community Pass by 10/20/21. The quick turnaround is necessitated by the need to finalize teams, submit league rosters, and order uniforms. You will notice 3 separate registrations.
    • The main registration ($300) is for the season and includes the costs for league fees, referees, gym space, equipment, and a shooting shirt (there is an option to indicate the size).
    • The practice jersey registration ($20) is for anyone that needs/wants a new practice jersey. These are a necessity in practice as coaches will flip kids from green to white as needed.  If you already have a practice jersey, there is no need to order a new one; however, if you are a new player or have lost or grown out of your previous jersey you should “register” for a new jersey, and we will purchase one in the size indicated.
    • The uniform registration ($90) is for anyone that needs a new uniform. We will be using the same uniform style as in previous years.  While we will attempt to order everyone the same Under Armour uniform, the supplier has indicated that due to supply chain shortages, we may need to substitute a custom uniform in certain sizes that is a very close match to our current uniforms.  Please try on last year’s uniform to be sure it still fits as ordering uniforms after the fact is difficult and costly due to the printing process.
  3. Parents interested in coaching, please indicate your interest by registering through community pass. The coach’s registration is embedded in the 2021/22 basketball tryout registration.  The coaching link is still active.  Registration is necessary for insurance purposes and must be completed by both new and returning coaches before we can allow a team to practice.
  4. We are asking all new and returning players to fill out a quick uniform survey to help us avoid overlapping numbers and to ensure we have the correct spelling for the names on the backs of the jerseys (Players ordering new uniforms will also be able to indicate a size preference for shorts and jerseys separately through this form)
  5. If declining your roster invitation, please let us know (email to ASAP so that we can offer the declined spot to the next highest ranked player.
  6. Pre-season practices will begin over the next several weeks. Practices will begin in earnest in November.

You didn’t make a team, now what:

  1. DO NOT STOP PLAYING! One of the greatest players ever, Michael Jordan was not selected for the Laney High basketball team his sophomore year.  He used the experience to fuel a competitive fire that propelled him to become one of the greatest players ever.
  2. There is an outside chance a roster spot may open up (see #1 in section above). In the event a roster spot is turned down and your child is next in line, you will be notified immediately.
  4. Other options for playing this winter include, New Providence Recreation ( which offer opportunities all the way through 8th In addition, there are many local CYO and AAU programs.  These options provide a great opportunity for improving skills and playing in a fun and competitive atmosphere.

If your child didn't make a team

There is still a chance to play basketball in New Providence! New Providence Recreation Basketball registration is still open. If your child would like to play, you can register using this button.


4th Girls Gold
1 Barnes Emily
2 Choi Samantha
3 Dudish Greer
4 Gilbertson Peyton
5 Hourihan Grace
6 Kruep Jillian
7 Mallya Preesha
8 Miller Marina
9 Moore Charlotte
10 Rust Ava
11 Valeo Caroline
12 Van Dillen Emily
4th Boys Gold
1 Conover James
2 Cronin Daniel
3 Foley Liam
4 Gagliardotto Chase
5 Goldsmith Peter
6 Hanley Jack
7 Kapoor Devan
8 Lapoff Matthew
9 Naughton Rory
10 Reilly Braeden
4th Boys Green
1 Bress Dylan
2 Chheda Nivaan
3 Girnius Owen
4 Grudberg Milo
5 Hanson Thomas
6 Hu Jeremy
7 Kober Connor
8 Mascarina Lucas
9 Mellinkoff Blake
10 Patel Milan
11 Short Andrew
12 Townsend Fletcher
5th Girls Gold
1 Doyle Alyssa
2 Gallo Ashley
3 Glibowski Raegan
4 Glibowski Riley
5 LaGana Lucy
6 LaGana Molly
7 McGowan Kelsey
8 Olszowy Camryn
9 Print Emily
10 Slattery Anna
Travia Rosie
Urbano Kaleigh
5th Boys Gold
1 Acosta Maxwell
2 DeCristoforo Blake
3 DiMaggio Gaetano
4 Ghazi Nathaniel
5 Henn Connor
6 Pierce Cameron
7 Rooney Owen
8 Sanders Tomi
9 Tamkan Batu
10 Troy Declan
11 Walsh Liam
5th Boys Green
1 Bhargav Aarush
2 Fiallo, Jr Eddie
3 Haber Nadav
4 Heitmann William
5 Medler Charlie
6 Michal Daniel
7 Naik Milan
8 Niedzielski Drew
9 Nilan Shawn
10 Stieh Christopher
5/6th Girls Green
1 Muscarello Kara
2 Mazza Eleanor
3 Carovillano Audrey
4 Vieira Sophia
5 Castellano Alessandra
6 Hopler Ella
7 Miller Sabrina
8 Weidenborner Isabella
9 Dano Charlotte
10 Benward Juliette
Reinhardt Ella
6th Girls Gold
1 Bobrowski Samantha
2 Fitzgerald Addison
3 Hom Mya
4 Kessler Madison
5 LaRubbio Jamie
6 Macauley Brooke
7 Naughton Kelly
8 Raines Sydney
9 Riccio Dylan
10 Van Dillen Sarah
11 Wetzel Addison
6th Boys Gold
1 Askins Lucas
2 Blankenbaker Drew
3 Brandon Baron
4 Cifarelli Luke
5 Goldsmith Colin
6 Graziano Michael
7 Hanley Charlie
8 Henry Jonathan
9 Merrick Cole
10 Reynolds William
11 Valley Rylan
7th Girls Gold
1 Bastow Hannah
2 Conti Mia
3 Felt Kelsey
4 Gilbertson Abby
5 Hutson Alexandra
6 Kinum Mae
7 Ondrejko Quinn
8 Peldunas Emma
9 Vivino Audrey
10 Whitehead Sydney
Zbeda Amelia
7th Boys Gold
1 Batsford Charlie
2 Blank Jason
3 Chomiak Alexander
4 Danysh Christopher
5 Feuerstein Lucas
6 Hercules Jarrett
7 Kruep Andrew
8 Mallya Karthik
9 Moore Quentin
10 Reilly Kevin
11 Rust Ryan
7th Boys Green
1 Graziano Nicholas
2 Killea Bowen
3 Ferrara Michael
4 Wycko Anthony
5 Schmidt Michael
6 Walsh Leo
7 Scannicchio Matthew
8 Maneely Charles
9 Mitraa Dev
10 Xenakis Nicholas
11 Peralta Frank
8th Girls Gold
1 Carovillano Natalie
2 Conover Annie
3 Dano Mollie
4 DiMaggio Julia
5 Henn Megan
6 Kelly Ava
7 Kessler Haley
8 Naik Isla
9 Riccio Peyton
10 Rooney Madeleine
8th Girls Green
1 Babbitt Caroline
2 Goldsmith Eve
3 Heitmann Katherine
4 Hill Kaylie
5 Maisch Allie
6 Montero Mia
7 Policarpio Theresa
8 Reed Olivia
9 Schumm Abigail
10 Tchouassi Yohsie 
8th Boys Gold
1 Benward Christian
2 Blankenbaker Grant
3 Cumiskey Devin
4 Faucher Troy
5 Fitzgerald Jack
6 Foti Michael
7 Miller Jayden
8 Morales Noah J.
9 Whitehead AJ
10 Zamora Alex
8th Boys Green
1 Babbitt William Jr
2 Bannworth Michael
3 Burkitt Andrew
4 Catalano Blake
5 D’Amico Brody
6 Dudish Grayson
7 Fallon Jack
8 Keneally James
9 Knight Ryan
10 LaRubbio Joseph
11 Muller Rudy
12 Porretti Daniel
13 Vardas Christopher

Basketball Guidelines

Return to Play after Covid Delay

As restrictions lift, New Providence Police Athletic League is working toward starting our 2020 Basketball season. Our paramount objective is the safety of our players, coaches and spectators.  Here’s our plan, based on the New Jersey Department of Health guidelines at the moment.

Player Participation Guidelines

  • Each player should bring their own basketball – sharing is prohibited
  • Participants will be required to social distance whenever possible
  • Players will have access to hand sanitizer provided by the coach for frequent disinfecting
  • Players should have a mask available in the event they are required to wear one
  • Players must conduct temperature checks and complete a health questionnaire before every session
  • Players will be prohibited from attending any session if they are sick
  • Parents are discouraged from carpooling
  • Parents must sign a waiver indemnifying the coaches and PAL of any liability related to infectious diseases

Coaching Guidelines

  • Coaches will be required to wear masks when social distancing cannot be maintained
  • Coaches will remind participants to maintain social distancing when possible
  • Coaches must conduct temperature checks and complete a health questionnaire of all personnel prior to the start of each session
  • Coaches will be prohibited from attending any session if they are sick

General Information

The PAL Basketball program offers a competitive program for boys and girls in grades 4-8 who reside in town. Through a tryout process in late September, teams are chosen to represent New Providence in a competitive travel league and play other towns in the area.

Due to a lack of available gym time in town, there is typically only one boys team and one girls team sponsored per grade. Unfortunately, this does not allow for all who are interested to be able to play on the PAL team. It is for this reason, that those who make their respective teams are expected to be fully committed to their team. PAL encourages kids to participate in multiple sports and activities, but given the relatively small number of players on a typical basketball team (10), TEAM success is greatly reduced if multiple players are routinely absent due to other commitments. We expect that if offered a spot on a team, PAL Basketball be the priority sport during the winter months ahead of other teams (i.e. CYO; AAU) or off-season activities (i.e. soccer; baseball).  Feel free to reach out with any questions regarding this.

Key Contact

Jon Miller
Basketball Commissioner


New Providence PAL Plays in the Jersey Basketball Association (JBA). Learn more at

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