2020 Team Results & What to Expect This Season

Thank you to everyone that attended the 2020-21 New Providence Basketball tryouts. This year we had
an amazing turnout. A record 205 kids tried out breaking last year’s record of 188. This year will be like
no other year in our history. Currently we have no New Providence gym space and our typical league
(JBL) will be delaying play until at least January 1. In spite of these uncertainties, we recognize the value
of youth sports now more than ever. As a result, we have formed as many teams as possible in an effort
to provide an opportunity for as many kids as possible. Unfortunately, we still needed to make cuts to
keep team rosters at a reasonable level.

For those that made teams, we will be opening registration Monday, November 1 st. Registration will be
through community pass, and will remain open until November 7 th . Unlike past years, this year we will
be registering in steps until we have more certainty surrounding league competition. The initial
registration for Gold team players will be $150, which includes one indoor practice per week, a
reversible practice jersey, and money towards team activities. Coaches will have the flexibility to use
this money to enter tournaments, offset the cost of additional local league play (i.e. Hoop Heaven), or
towards additional practice time and/or training. Initial registration for Green team players will be $75,
which includes all of the above, except the indoor practice space. Unfortunately, at this point New
Providence is not allowing outside groups to use the gyms and we were only able to rent enough indoor
practice space (Long Hill Chapel in Chatham) to accommodate 10 Gold teams (1 hr of practice a week).
We will be reserving as much outdoor space in New Providence as we can through the winter and this
space will be prioritized so that green teams are able to practice as well. Any extra outdoor space will
be split between green and gold teams. If additional gym space opens up, we will make every attempt to
add additional indoor practices.

Once information about league play is available, we will be opening a second round of registrations to
cover the costs of league play. Currently we are evaluating several options in addition to our traditional
(JBL) league. Given the uncertainty around the 2020/21 season, it is our intent to keep our teams active
for as long as possible. For example, if indoor activities get shutdown this winter, it is our intent to find
opportunities for our kids to play in the spring/summer with their teams. This will either be in the form
of league play or tournament play.

As more information becomes available to us, we will be passing along this information via email, as well
as through our social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram (@NPPALHoops and @NewProvidencePAL).
Please feel free to contact me ( with any questions.


If you didn’t make a team DO NOT STOP PLAYING! One of the greatest players ever, Michael Jordan was not selected for the Laney High Basketball team his sophomore year. He used the experience to fuel a competitive fire that propelled him to become one of the greatest players ever.


4th Boys Gold
1 DeCristoforo, Blake
2 DiMaggio, Gaetano
3 Heitmann, William
4 Henn, Connor
5 Niedzielski, Drew
6 Nilan, Shawn
7 Rooney, Owen
8 Sanders, Tomi
9 Stieh, Christopher
10 Troy, Declan
11 Walsh, Liam
4th Boys Green
1 Akcin, Berk
2 Bhargav, Aaarush
3 Espaillat, Joseph A.
4 Linnehan, Conner
5 Martin, Finegan
6 Medler, Charlie
7 Michal, Daniel
8 Montrone, Jack
9 Montrone, Jason
10 Naik, Milan
11 Seguso, Piermarco
12 Tarhan, Noa
4th Girls Gold
1 Carovillano, Audrey
2 Doyle, Alyssa
3 Gallo, Ashley
4 Glibowski, Raegen
5 McGowan, Kelsey
6 Olszowy, Camryn
7 Print, Emily
8 Slattery, Anna
9 Travia, Rosie
10 Urbano, Kaleigh
4th Girls Green
1 Cutler, Brynn
2 Daffne, Akcin
3 Glibowski, Riley
4 LaGana, Lucy
5 LaGana, Molly
6 Mazza, Eleanor
7 Muscarello, Kara
8 Vieira, Sophia
9 Tennekoon, Anissa
5th Boys Gold
1 Askins, Lucas
2 Blankenbaker, Drew
3 Cifarelli, Luke
4 Goldsmith, Colin
5 Graziano, Michael
6 Hanley, Charlie
7 Henry, Jonathan
8 Lapoff, Ryan
9 Merrick, Cole
10 Reynolds, William
5th Boys Green
1 Baron, Brandon
2 Briganti, Noah
3 Jacobs, Brandon
4 Maurizi, Rowan
5 Pucci, Max
6 Valley, Rylan
7 Wachtel, Jason
8 Wilson, William
9 Zbeda, Benjamin
5th Girls Gold
1 Fitzgerald, Addison
2 Hom, Mya
3 Kessler, Madison
4 LaRubbio, Jamie
5 Macauley, Brooke
6 Naughton, Kelly
7 Raines, Sydney
8 Riccio, Dylan
9 Van Dillen, Sarah
10 Wetzel, Addison
5th Girls Green
1 Dano, Charlotte
2 Benward, Juliette
3 Bobrowski, Samantha
4 Castellano, Allie
5 Hill, Madeleine
6 Hill, Sarah
7 Hopler, Ella
8 Lukanski, Dior
9 Meilhac, Pauline
10 Reinhardt, Ella
6th Boys Gold
1 Rust, Ryan
2 Batsford, Charlie
3 Blank, Jason
4 Chomiak, Alexander
5 Danysh, Christopher
6 Hercules, Jarrett
7 Kruep, Andrew
8 Maurer, Jack
9 Moore, Quentin
10 Reilly, Kevin
11 Schmidt, Michael
6th Boys Green
1 Cohen, Jack
2 Ferrara, Michael
3 Feuerstein, Lucas
4 Graziano, Nicholas
5 Grudberg, Samuel
6 Killea, Bowen
7 Mallya, Karthik
8 Maneely, Charles
9 Santacross, Matt
10 Scannicchio, Matthew
11 Walsh, Leo
12 Wycko, Anthony
6th Girls Gold
1 Bastow, Hannah
2 Conti, Mia
3 DiQuallo, Julia
4 DiQuallo, Maddie
5 Felt, Kelsey
6 Gilbertson, Abby
7 Ondrejko, Quinn
8 Peldunas, Emma
9 Vivino, Audrey
10 Whitehead, Sydney
11 Zbeda, Amelia
7th Boys Gold
1 Blankenbaker, Grant
2 Cumiskey, Devin
3 Fallon, Jack
4 Faucher, Troy
5 Fitzgerald, Jack
6 Foti, Michael
7 Keneally, James
8 Miller, Jayden
9 Morales, Noah J.
10 Whitehead, AJ
11 Zamora, Alex
7th Boys Green
1 Babbitt, William Jr
2 Bannworth, Michael
3 Benward, Christian
4 Burkitt, Andrew
5 Catalano, Blake
6 D’Amico, Brody
7 Dudish, Grayson
8 Knight, Ryan
9 Lagana, Thomas
10 LaRubbio, Joseph
11 Muller, Rudy
12 Porretti, Daniel
13 Vardas, Christopher
7th Girls Gold
1 Carovillano, Natalie
2 Conover, Annie
3 DiMaggio, Julia
4 Dwyer, Meghan
5 Gaeta, Hailey
6 Henn, Megan
7 Hughes, Stephanie
8 Kelly, Ava
9 Kessler, Haley
10 Rooney, Madeleine
7th Girls Green
1 Abramson, Skylar
2 Babbitt, Caroline
3 Dano, Mollie
4 Goldsmith, Eve
5 Heitmann, Katherine
6 Maisch, Allie
7 Naik, Isla
8 Policarpio, Theresa
9 Riccio, Peyton
10 Tchouassi, Yohsie A
11 Troy, Jillian
12 Wetzel, Emma
8th Boys Gold
1 Bress, Bobby
2 Fahy, Aidan
3 Graziano, Vince
4 Heffernan, Ian
5 Henry, Michael
6 Maurizi, Seamus
7 McAloon, Colin
8 Miller, James
9 Munn, TJ
10 Ondrejko, Shane
11 Sabel, Nolan
12 Walsh, Ryan
8th Girls Gold
1 Bornique, Miranda
2 Bradford, Arianna
3 Henry, Milone
4 Illipronti, Nina
5 Mi, Katherine
6 Pizzi, Kayla
7 Slattery, Brenna
8 Vardas, Sophia
9 Xenakis, Sophia
10 Zamora, Sofia

Basketball Guidelines

Return to Play after Covid Delay

As restrictions lift, New Providence Police Athletic League is working toward starting our 2020 Basketball season. Our paramount objective is the safety of our players, coaches and spectators.  Here’s our plan, based on the New Jersey Department of Health guidelines at the moment.

Player Participation Guidelines

  • Each player should bring their own basketball – sharing is prohibited
  • Participants will be required to social distance whenever possible
  • Players will have access to hand sanitizer provided by the coach for frequent disinfecting
  • Players should have a mask available in the event they are required to wear one
  • Players must conduct temperature checks and complete a health questionnaire before every session
  • Players will be prohibited from attending any session if they are sick
  • Parents are discouraged from carpooling
  • Parents must sign a waiver indemnifying the coaches and PAL of any liability related to infectious diseases

Coaching Guidelines

  • Coaches will be required to wear masks when social distancing cannot be maintained
  • Coaches will remind participants to maintain social distancing when possible
  • Coaches must conduct temperature checks and complete a health questionnaire of all personnel prior to the start of each session
  • Coaches will be prohibited from attending any session if they are sick

General Information

The PAL Basketball program offers a competitive program for boys and girls in grades 4-8 who reside in town. Through a tryout process in late September, teams are chosen to represent New Providence in a competitive travel league and play other towns in the area.

Due to a lack of available gym time in town, there is typically only one boys team and one girls team sponsored per grade. Unfortunately, this does not allow for all who are interested to be able to play on the PAL team. It is for this reason, that those who make their respective teams are expected to be fully committed to their team. PAL encourages kids to participate in multiple sports and activities, but given the relatively small number of players on a typical basketball team (10), TEAM success is greatly reduced if multiple players are routinely absent due to other commitments. We expect that if offered a spot on a team, PAL Basketball be the priority sport during the winter months ahead of other teams (i.e. CYO; AAU) or off-season activities (i.e. soccer; baseball).  Feel free to reach out with any questions regarding this.

Key Contact

Jon Miller
Basketball Commissioner


New Providence PAL Plays in the Jersey Basketball Association (JBA). Learn more at

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